Cold-Blooded in Colorado & a Strange Russian Sojourn by PNW Haunts & Homicides

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Join us as we delve into another true crime case this week in a neighboring suburb, just south of Denver in the state of Colorado. Just a few miles away from the bustling mountain metropolis is a community with abundant beautiful landscape for outdoor recreation. It’s a family-friendly community that’s also steeped in the rich cultural history of the Gold Rush era and the indigenous people that inhabited the land long before settlers came westward. But of course even the most charming suburban community can become the backdrop for a chilling crime. Still, unlike neighboring Columbine, a community that is sadly no stranger to tragedy, Littleton is rarely center stage for major headline news.

Or, it was – that is, until the mysterious disappearance of Charlene Voight, who was reported missing by her family in Littleton, Colorado on July 8th 2016. As we unravel the details of the case surrounding her disappearance we ponder over how our minds search, and often find, eerie connections in the most disparate of circumstances. Like the discovery of a World War II veteran’s dog tags in the Grand River. Get engrossed in our discussion about Charlene’s tumultuous and troubling relationship with her partner, Jeffrey. The story takes a hair-raising turn as we we examine Jeffrey’s suspicious activities, including his unnerving trip to a landfill that set off alarm bells for investigators. Nothing could prepare us for the the most shocking aspect of the case to date. Jeffrey went on to live a double life after his dramatic escape to Russia, which adds a whole new dimension to this puzzling case. Finally, we take a look at the complex issues surrounding international law and extradition, as well as Jeffrey’s claims of political persecution in his desperate bid to gain asylum.

Tune in for an episode filled with intrigue, mystery, tarot, and the occasional canine story even when they’re sad.

This week we shared the podcast You’re Creeping Me Out!


Charlene Voight, Littleton, Denver, Aurora, Colorado, Jeffrey, Wells Fargo, Butterfly-Shaped Birthmark, Surveillance Footage, Extradition, Political Persecution, International law, Conspiracy Theories, Tarot Readings, I-76 Gas Stations, Landfill, Trigger Warning, Interpol Database, Asylum, Russia, Framing, Toby, chihuahua, endangered missing, Arapahoe County.

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