Bitter Almonds & Betrayal by PNW Haunts and Homicides

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Chilling as it sounds, the reality is, that danger can lurk in the most mundane places. We’ve all felt that twinge of concern as we break the seal on a new purchase, but imagine that unease turning deadly. What you thought was a headache has suddenly morphed into heart break of the highest order. Our narrative takes a dark turn as we uncover the motivations behind the malevolent actions of Stella Nickell.

We discuss the malicious crimes that led to the deaths of two Washington State residents by the cruelest of means – cyanide poisoning. The story has become almost inextricably intertwined with the notorious 1982 Tylenol murders for many familiar with both cases. But it’s not just a true crime chronicle; we’ll begin to peel back the layers of Sue’s personal life, including her family dynamics and a betrayal from within her innermost circle. Our resolve to spotlight the human stories behind the headlines means we’ll also discuss the emotional impact and the overall upheaval experienced following her untimely death, not only by her second husband Paul, but particularly that of her daughter Hayley Snow Klein. The heartrending story of a young girl’s loss after a family tragedy serves as a poignant reminder of our need for empathy in times of sorrow

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